Hot Water Jetting

Don’t let frozen pipes get you bent out of shape!

Our brutal winters aren’t kind to pipes. The bitter North Country cold and battering icy winds can have damaging consequences for property owners. Frozen water expands so much that it carries a pressure of more than two thousand pounds per square inch! If you detect signs of frozen pipes or leaking water, call our plumbing professionals immediately to avoid further damage. We are always open, 24-hours a day!

Thawing is not a straightforward process and each situation is very unique. We will diagnose the best pipe-thawing process for you and use the latest and most sophisticated equipment. Once we’ve thawed the pipe, we’ll try to replace the smallest section of the damaged pipe possible – to keep the job at the lowest cost to you.

Hot Water Jetting

Defrosts as well as cleans

We use high pressure hot water jetting units to clear frozen sewer or water lines, as well as to clean them, because this method breaks up the frozen ice trapped inside the pipe and thaws it quickly and safely.

Steam Thawing

Save your septic system, save time and money

Steam thawing involves using a dry steam that quickly and efficiently thaws frozen lines with no risk of explosive damage to the pipe.

Electric Current Thawing

A choice for frozen metal pipes

Passing low voltage, high current AC electricity through a frozen water pipe is a quick way of thawing it. With this method, it is possible to thaw iron or copper pipes concealed in building walls, or buried in the ground.

This method requires unfrozen water under standard pressure on one side of the frozen area, and an open faucet on the other side (the downstream). It is only necessary to heat the pipe enough to melt a thin film of ice on the inside of the pipe, as the warmer water in the pipe before the blockage will seep through and quickly melt the rest.

Call Plattsburgh Roto-Rooter for timely inspection and repairs of your frozen pipes.

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Your home or business' plumbing will be at peak operation after our skilled technicians pay a visit. Call us for everything from clearing drains to septic tank installation and excavation to frozen pipes repair and thawing. Plattsburgh Roto-Rooter plumbers can do it all!

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